StickyBUGs are small, modular boards that enable you to very quickly make your own shield, with no wiring required! Take a handful of stickyBUGs, plug them into the main stickySHIELD and you are ready to go! StickyBUGs can be placed in any order, making them the ultimate configurable solution for Arduino development. Now you can create the shield you want that will fit perfectly into your next project. Fast, configurable and low cost per functional unit make stickyBUGs an ideal addition to any makers toolbox.


We all love Arduino shields. They enable you to create many great projects by adding pluggable functionality to your main Arduino board, but they sometimes can have very fixed or limited functionality. For example, try finding a shield that has WiFi and a 12 channel servo control on the same board! With stickyBUGs, this isn't a problem - just place a wifiBUG and two servoBUGs on your stickySHIELD and you are good to go. Conventional shields can yield some pretty tall stacks, making it difficult or impossible to put into project boxes. But not with the stickyBUG system - many stickyBUG combinations can result in very low profile stacks. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing but it's much easier to fit into a smaller project box.

Low Profile

By using very low profile sockets (only 5mm in height) we have ensured that stickySHIELDS are fully stackable. That's right, you could have a sdBUG, temperatureBUG and rtcBUG on one shield, with a segmentBUG and wifiBUG stacked on the top. Only two stacks high with all of that functionality. Great stuff.

Works with Other Systems

StickySHIELDs can also automatically handle both 5v and 3.3v systems. This means you can use all of our stickyBUGs with Arduino and Arduino clone boards or alternative 3.3v systems such as chipKIT UNO or Firewing.

No switches. No jumpers. No wires. Just plug and play!

What Can I Do with a stickyBUG?

Using stickyBUGs enables you to make your own shield with no wiring required! Some possibilities include: reflow controller with a segmentBUG, sdBUG and thermoBUG; GPS tracker with gpsBUG, sdBUG and ledBUG; robot hexapod walker using four servoBUGs; a data logger using a sdBUG, rtcBUG, lightBUG and temperatureBUG; home automation controller using a wifiBUG and two or more expanderBUGs to name just a few. Really, there are so many project possibilities we just can't list them all here - and don't forget, you can stack stickyBUG shields to give you even more combinations!